For more than thirty years, it has been our mission to honor the religious and cultural traditions of area families. From the very day we opened our doors, owners Bill and Noni Hansen have stressed the importance of providing excellent services, tailored to fit any budget or personal preference.

All of us at Arlington Mortuary are very proud that we are an independent, family-owned firm. Unlike the corporately-owned funeral home, our independence means we can be truly responsive to the expectations and desires of the families who turn to us for guidance and assistance in caring for a loved one.

When you reach out to us, you can be confident that we will honestly answer all questions, and help develop your preferences into a smoothly-orchestrated, deeply personal, funeral or cremation service.

We promise your family the same level of attention-to-detail we have given others over the years. Our goal is, and has always been, to exceed your expectations.

Your Choice, Your Way...

Losing a loved one can make even the smallest decisions very difficult. Strong emotions, such as those associated with grief, always cloud our ability to focus on all the minor details and intricacies that can accompany funeral preparations.

Arlington Mortuary assures you that all funeral arrangement options are presented as simply as possible, so that the burden of decision-making is as light as it can be.

We provide all funeral and cemetery services, including a full range of cremation services and cemetery options. Our Continuing Care program, which is designed to assist families in the days, weeks and months after the funeral, will be tailored to your family’s specific long-term needs. Arlington Mortuary also offers complete prearrangement services, for those looking for the peace-of-mind, and financial security, that pre-planning can bring.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional or custom arrangement, now or in the future, we promise to make your experience with Arlington Mortuary a positive and exemplary one.

  • Cherell E. Ward-Rucker

    Cherell E. Ward-Rucker, Weekend Receptionist

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    Nydia Gamarro, Manager

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    Rosie Gil, Controller